Cream Cheese Professional Discos was originally established in 1971, by Colin Slater and his associate, as an Owner Operated Mobile DJ company and could handle 1 event per day. What started off as the odd House Party, later evolved to become the only acceptable name for Professional DJ’ing at Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthday Parties, Bar- & Bat Mitzvahs and Matric Farewells. Cream Cheese kept growing, gradually in size and rapidly by reputation, and by the late 80’s early 90’s Cream Cheese Professional Discos was managing several DJs and could supply as many as 8 Mobile Discos on any given day.

In 2004 Morné Rheeder bought Cream Cheese Professional Discos from Colin and injected the company with fresh ideas and new and exciting concepts which put the company on the top of everyone’s wish-list and made it the example to follow for competitors. “Cream Cheese Discos now manages a maximum of 10 Discos on any given day and we have no intention of increasing this number as it is still possible to effectively implement an Owner-Managed structure which has been the recipe for our success from day one.” Morné, has been personally involved in DJ’ing, MC’ing, Radio Presenting and training candidates in all of the aforementioned since 1996, and as such understands the Wedding, Corporate, Music and Entertainment industry back to front.

Over the years several partners joined forces and eventually broke away to carry on with their own endeavours. One of these Partners was David Hossey. David joined Cream Cheese with the intention of starting a division that handled Pageants, Shows and Productions by supplying staging, lighting, sound and MC’s. David did so well that he later bought this division from Cream Cheese and continued as “Strike Productions” on his own. In 2007 Morné established a new sister company to Cream Cheese Professional Discos: Synergy Audio-Visual & Staging. Synergy AV specialises in larger events and can provide all your requirements for any Production. Click here to find out more.

The Name

Cream Cheese was established in 1971. Colin, founder of Cream Cheese Discos’, associate, who was from Düsseldorf (Germany), had been a DJ at the legendary Night Club in Düsseldorf, dubbed “The Cream Cheese” which existed from 1967 to 1976.

“The Cream Cheese” hosted some of the biggest Artists at the time including Pink Floyd, Genesis, Deep Purple and Frank Zappa (who ironically performed a song called Suzy CreamCheese).

It was decided that the name was indeed absolutely appropriate, considering the aim was to become as Trendy, as Popular and as Legendary as “The Cream Cheese” in Germany.

A Cream Cheese Revival Party has been held in Dusseldorf every year since 2008 with what seems to be a raging success.


The original entrance to Club Cream Cheese in the 1960's

Office Administration

We implement a professional and well maintained office administration. This includes prompt and efficient responses on both telephone calls and e-mails. Quotes, Bookings and Invoices are handled effectively and punctually. We also offer a Sales Team that is available to meet with you to discuss your requirements, your quotation and any tailoring you may require.


With over 15 DJs that are capable to play for ANY event regardless of cultures, ages or music preferences, you are assured of a DJ that reads and understands your crowd perfectly. The added advantage... no matter what circumstances arise beyond our control, stand-by DJs are always in place.


We maintain 13 complete Disco Rigs and book no more than 10 Mobile Discos on any given day. This leaves us with at least 3 complete Backup rigs to facilitate any equipment problems at any time. It is our policy to make use of well-known and high-end branded equipment only. We will never use or dispatch sub-standard or entry level brand equipment. Some of our brands include (but are not limited to): JBL, Samson, Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Shure, Martin and Soundcraft to nßame a few.
All our sound is Self-Powered (no external amplifiers) and every relevant piece of equipment is neatly Flight-Cased. This, in turn, ensures a compact, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing setup.

Technical Crew

We employ a Technical Crew that is on stand-by 24 hours / day to assist in the very unlikely event of equipment malfunctions or failures. With a Technical Crew, the DJ will under NO circumstances have to leave the event for any reason whatsoever even if faced with the most bizarre or unusual technical problems; they will simply call on the Technical Crew to bring replacement equipment.