Choosing a Professional DJ / Mobile Disco service is a fairly simple process, if you KNOW what to look for.

Although this guideline is based on Weddings as an example, the principle applies to all events.

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Get in touch with your Venue, Other Service Providers and Friends or Family that got married recently and ask for referrals / recommendations
Although this method does NOT guarantee reputable companies, if step 1 is not an option then visit decent Wedding Directory Websites and do a Google search. “Paid” advertisements do not guarantee reputability; rather make use of “organic” results.
This will usually give you a good idea of how serious they are about their business. A professional looking website with plenty of content that is neatly laid out and that addresses all or most of your potential questions and / or concerns is already a company that should be strongly considered. If the website or content has not immediately set your mind at ease, eliminate the company. Short list 4 or 5 Professional Companies
Contact the company either telephonically, via e-mail or complete an online “Quote Request” requesting a Quotation. Check whether phones are answered promptly and efficiently and that e-mails are responded to in a fair amount of time. If you are not comfortable with the response time or professionalism of a company, remove it from your list NOW. Essentially you should receive your quote within 1 business day, 2 business days at most. If your quote is not delivered in a professional format i.e. PDF or in a timely and appropriate fashion, eliminate that company.
Compare the service, infrastructure, packages, and optional extras that a company has to offer you. Quotations must NEVER be compared on Price alone. A good estimate for a Professional DJ service is around 6% - 10% of your total budget on a sliding scale (the higher the total budget the less the percentage). In order for a Mobile Disco to be considered as a “Professional Service Provider”, certain aspects HAVE to be implemented. Every one of these aspects carries an expense for that company. These expenses include but are not limited to: a Professional office environment, an office administration, sales and marketing representatives, DJ fees, Equipment purchases and maintenance, Technical teams, Insurances and several other important expenses. Therefore a company that charges below the market average can only do so by cutting costs somewhere in order to sustain a viable profit margin, putting the success of your event in jeopardy. The easiest and quickest method to allow below average prices is to employ sub-standard DJs as this is the biggest expense to a multi-operation Mobile Disco company. If a price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Eliminate Quotes that are delivered unprofessionally, are TOO cheap or charge WAY-ABOVE-AVERAGE prices.
If you have not dealt with a Mobile Disco company in the past, it would be a good idea to meet with your ±3 shortlisted companies. Meet with the manager or representative to address any concerns you may have, answer your questions and to give you detailed introduction to the company. Playing some video footage of functions should instil a certain level of capability and professionalism in the company and give you some peace of mind.